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If you are under the impression that tracksuit pants do not belong in the office—try on our ultra-comfy elegant creased slacks. They neatly accentuate hips, directing the gaze toward a slim waist. In addition, they give length to your legs, slimming down thighs and knees when you walk (and that’s not always a given with wide pants). Wear them with shirts, jackets or cardigans during the week, and with a warm hoodie on weekends.

Made in Poland MADE OF: 96% viscose micromodal, 4% elastane

• They look great with booties and sneakers.

• The legs unroll in case you want to give them extra length.

• They have two pockets.

• They fasten at the back, with a zipper.

• Wash inside out on hand wash cycle, using mild detergent.

• Make sure to read washing instructions on the care label! 
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