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If you thought sweatpants are a no-no at formal events, try our über-comfy yet elegant creased trousers. They lend length to legs and neatly shape up hips, putting a slender waist in the spotlight. “Everybody who has tried them on says they had never worn wide-leg trousers with a better cut. Whatever your type of figure, your bottom looks great in these, your legs are long and slender (even if you are a pear), and your waist is accentuated even if you’re an apple,” explain designers Klara Kowtun and Antonina Samecka. Fabric made in Poland; 96% viscose with micromodal, 4% spandex. The trousers were sewn in Warsaw. Wash inside out on hand wash cycle.

• The legs have a margin rolled-up in case you want them longer.

• The trousers have two pockets.

• Fastened with a zipper on the back.
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