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There’s no doubt about it—it is the sexiest little black dress we’ve ever made. Its enticing neckline works its magic both on the front and on the back. Absolute perfection! While defining your curves, it also hides any surplus on the belly and on the sides, and even serves to trim down your shoulders. All this thanks to some deft draping, vertical seams, and a double layer of fabric. We tried it without fail on many different types of figure. “It is the winning entry in two separate categories: the sexiest, and the most comfortable LBD. Once, I just spent the entire day in it, reading on the couch, and not once did I feel the need to change into something ‘more comfortable’,” says designer Klara Kowtun.

Fabric made in Poland; 93% viscose, 7% lycra. The dress was sewn in Bartoszyce. Wash inside out on gentle cycle at low temperature, using a small amount of detergent. The dress was created as part of Challenge 333 designed by Klara Kowtun project.

• Low-cut back

• The back is cut in a way that gives some extra definition to your waist and bum

• Sewn from two layers of knit fabric

• Put on over the head

• Great both for skinny girls and for the curvier ones
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Ewelina Bujak April 21, 2018 21:17
Przepiękna sukienka. Świetnie układa się na kobiecym ciele niezależnie od wymiarów. Idealna dla dużych biustów - wysmukla dekolt i nadaje odpowiednie proporcje. Może być wymarzoną małą czarną nawet dla tych kobiet, które już dawno zrezygnowały z dopasowanych sukienek. Niezwykle komfortowa w noszeniu, jak druga skóra, a materiał miękki i miły w dotyku.
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