ROMAN HOLIDAYS dress berry

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The essence of feminine charm - a plunging neckline with wide straps, just like the one worn by Sophia Loren, a well-emphasised waist (just like Monica Belluci's) and a classic - flared calf-length skirt. Regardless of what is it matched with - high-heels, wedges or sneakers - it never ceases to impress. Not only men, but passers-by of both genders.

Content: 94% viscose, 6% elastane.
Fabric made in Wola Zaradzyńska.
The dress was sewn in Ryki.
Wash inside out in gentle cycle at 30 degrees, using a mild detergent; don't bleach; don’t tumble dry; the dess can be dry cleaned.
• Changes from girly to elegant when worn with a jacket.
• Has a hidden surprise pocket.
• Broad straps cover up your bra.
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