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„This is a piece made for those who like to play games.” says Serafin Andrzejak, a designer who worked with us on this collection. „It’s the first time such form is created in Risk - this dress is so sophisticated but minimalistic at the same time. Originally it was designed to be just a cardigan, but we ended up creating its alternative - a dazzling dress.” It’s an airy, wrap dress with side slits and a delicate string, which you can tie in any way that fits your current taste or mood. For us this is the essence of what we want to be wearing. Fabric made in Spain. Content: 97% cotton, 3% elastane Kimono dress was sewn in Warsaw.

Wash at 30 degrees using a mild detergent; do not bleach, do not tumble dry.
• Choose your usual size.

• The fabric is very light and great for travelling - it barely weighs a thing.

• The dress comes with a thin, long string but you can also tie it with any of your own belts - leather, cloth or any other type you like.
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Edyta Grzesiuk October 01, 2019 17:14
Wyrafinowana prostota. Nie wiem, dlaczego nie kupiłam jej wcześniej ! Lato 2020 będzie należało do do Nabo Gato, Chyba, że Risk wymyśli coś, co będzie bardziej :))
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