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Do you remember when people used to sit in cafes and just talk, without laptops and other distractions? When you would go there to meet friends or strangers; exchange your thoughts, opinions or simply to cleverly gossip about both trivial and meaningful things. We do and we miss it. That's why we decided to create Let’s talk. It’s an irregularly published magazine; where each issue covers a single broad topic, seen from entirely different points of view.

The second issue talks about Warsaw. We take you on a journey where you can see Warsaw portrayed by Agata Endo Nowicka, Charles Bukowski’s inexistent poem about Vistula boulevards (by Grzegorz Uzdański), a story on Street typography in Warsaw and how we managed to turn it into publicly accessible fonts. You will also find a column on Warsaw dialect, a board game "Exit road" created by Klub Komediowy, a poetic reportage about Opera written by Agnieszka Drotkiewicz, a piece on Warsaw-inspired tattoos, a list of the most picturesque vintage lifts in town great for selfies, a boroughscope, a feature on beloved views from the window and the cover story about Marcin Weinfeld, a prewar skyscraper architect, written by Maryla Musidłowska.

Size: 16,5cm x 22,5cm

Pages: 96

The book was published by Risk made in warsaw.
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