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This is the perfect cardigan for those who have a taste for both style and coziness. This sprng ascetic cardigan-coat is equipped with spacious pockets and its cut has a slimming effect on your silhouette. ‘Dreamworld’ print is inspired by the world map and presents the world independently of our political divisions (the easiest to find is the coast of Norway ;)
Content: 66% viscose, 24% cotton, 10% elastane.
Fabric made in Łódź.
The cardigan was sewn in Bydgoszcz.
The print was designed by Antoni Mroziński.
Wash inside out in gentle cycle at 30 degrees, using a mild detergent; don't bleach; don’t tumble dry; the cardigan can be dry cleaned.
• Fits everyone from size XS to L, or sometimes even XL.
• Petite women look great in it, too.
• Perfect for minimalist look.
• The cardigan lining is warm enough to play a part of a coat.
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