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This tunic, based on our Sophisticated Girl blouse is beyond the trends, ultra timeless. Anyone who is fond of the oversized cut will fall in love with it for a couple of reasons: 1. It’s completely casual, untight, doesn’t expose anything, yet brings out the figure, 2. emphasizes the feminine shape of the shoulders and slender wrists, 3. Its slightly extended back makes the silhouette look slimmer.

Made in Poland MADE OF: 96% viscose micro modal compact, 4% elastane

• Wear it loosely or with a belt – as a blouse.

• Looks great with leggings, skinny jeans or… bare legs.

• Roll up the sleeves – to attract the attention of the slenderest part of your hands.
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In the Notes section of our Simple Story's production card there is a sentence: "The knit should relax for 24 hours before cutting it". Before it goes under the knife, it's pulled out of the beam and laid loosely into the form of so-called sheet to regain its flexibility and stretchability. Thanks to that, after sewing a particular model, there is no risk that it shrinks in the laundry or stretches out. It's one of the first things we notice in our sewing room in Bartoszyce - knit put loosely, which no one touches, as it's in the stage of relaxation! We want that too ;)
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