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Well, we have another, although among jackets first, haute couture model. Just like out Tulle Princess or Fab Over Fifty, this jacket is already tailoring of the highest quality. Tailcoats flap, pockets, cuffs, each element of the cut is super polished. It has all the elements that make the jacket look like from the best tailors - sizing, lining, small pillows, and what makes it stand out is that it is not of wool, but of a thin tracksuit combined with a sweater. To sew it, sewing company must perform 68 operations (when the usual t-shirt needs 6) and for 10 hours only 3,5 such jackets can be created! It could easily hang in boutiques of the luxury designers, but it just hangs at our Risky Shop;)

MADE OF: cotton blend + acrylic

• Wear it with rolled-up cuffs.

• Perfectly works with a white shirt and trousers.

• Also, try to wear it with a sexy dress.

• Wash only dry cleaning.

EAN: 5902096124989
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