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We must admit that we are determined and interested only in dresses which make you feel ultra feminine. This version of our Wonder Dress is a bit deceitful, as when you see it from the back, the modest sleeve and over-the-knee length makes no one expect suuuch a cleavage. It not only looks beautiful on women with bust size from A to E+ (we tested it), but also emphasizes the waist, makes the legs look longer and nicely masks the belly.

PS. The quality of the clothes can be recognized by the way they are finished on the left side. Check it out while measuring is, as in the case of this dress it really is a masterpiece. MADE OF: 94% viscose, 6% lycra

• When you try it out, make sure the bust fits in the „cup” ;)

• Made from a fluid fabric.

• Fastened at the back with a zipper.

• Iron on the left side – the best and the quickest way is to use a steamer.
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Magdalena Michalak April 29, 2017 22:27
Wspaniała sukienka, od razu stała się moją ukochaną! Doskonale leży, jest niezwykle wygodna, ma boski dekolt! No i wielki plus za kieszenie :) Ileż w niej luzu i seksapilu! Uwielbiam takie kreacje! Dziękuję Wam za stworzenie takiego modelu :)
Risk Staff
June 21, 2017 18:22
Baardzo dziękujemy za te miłe słowa :) Cieszymy się, że znalazła Pani wspólny język z Vesper i sukienka tak dobrze się sprawdza <3
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The "woman" which is "dressed up" in our Wonder Dress is an extraordinary iron on which you put an already sewn dress. It resembles a mannequin. A hot steams that puffs from the bottom straightens all elements of the clothing in a few seconds. It looks a bit like a famous movie sciene of Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch", especially since the steam is constantly exploding in a big ironing room. There, apart from some "women", large tables for so -called "interoperational ironing", a neccessery stage in the sewing process, can be found. The individual elements of clothing are ironed before they're given to the tailors.
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