BEACH BAG abyss print - RISKY BALTIC collection

sewn in Rokiciny

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We are so used to Ikea bags, when we have a lot to carry. That’s why this summer we decided to design a limited edition of gigantic canvas bags (100% cotton). They will fit in not only all your urban lifestyle, countless bottles of wine or the eternity of your kids’ belongings, but also organise your too-many-loose-items bag situation thanks to a practical inside zipper pocket. We worked on this design in cooperation with Michał Jońca - an architect, furniture designer, posters graphic designer and co-author of Szopieżwał. He created this Baltic-inspired pattern - subtle graphic abyss sorrounding creatures coming to light - all in peculiar Baltic blue-green colors.

width: 61cm height:51cm depth: 17cm

Fabric made in Poland. Content: 100% cotton

The bag was sewn in Rokiciny.

Wash in gentle cycle at 30 degrees.

• Each bag is decorated with an embroidered aurelia aurita or bladderwrack patch; both designed by Michał Jońca.

• The arms are wide and long enough to wear the bag comfortably, even when fully packed.

• Fitted with an inside zipper pocket.

• The bag can act as hand luggage itself or you can just roll it up and pack it in your suitcase ;)
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