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A truly red carpet dress - for women from the era of Italian Neorealism and Hollywood Golden Age. Although it uncovers only a little bit of shoulders and cleavage, it makes you feel and look like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot or Doris Day. We thought that the amount of tulle we use to make our Fab Over Fifty skirt is quite exceptional… Well, this dress in another level! The skirt is not only cut out of a circle but also arranged in pleats - whatever you wear, sneakers or high-heels, it makes your moves... very rockabilly ;)

P.S. A sewing factory, which has been focusing on evening wear since 1974, was not sure whether to take on this project because this dress needs as much precision as those made in old-school tailoring times. From carefully modelled straps, which are kept just at the right point of the shoulders, to a well cut neckline which nicely shapes breasts. Yet, we've made it and the result is more than “WOW!” ;) Made in Poland MADE OF: 90% cotton, 10% polyester
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