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We wanted to create such shorts, that on one hand Lara Croft could wear, but on the other - that in the summer a jacket would go perfectly with them. Made of a fabric that couldn’t differ more from a stiff cloth, but still have all of the attributes that shorts need - a metal zipper, suit-like back pockets, cuffs (and it was a real challenge to make them). They look slender even when you don’t consider your thighs to be perfect.

Made in Poland MADE OF: 94% viscose, 6% lycra

SIZE CHART (in cm):

Waist: XS - 62, S - 68, M - 74, L - 80

1/2 leg width (bottom): XS - 34, S - 36, M - 38, L - 41

Side length (without the belt): XS - 26, S - 27, M - 28, L - 30

• You can wear them with every kind of shoes: heels, sandals, sneakers, boots - all of them fit perfectly.

• Belt on the front, rubber band on the back - so it’s easier to regulate the size.

• You can wear it on your hips or waist.

• Iron on on the left side or just use a steamer - it’s easier and faster that way.
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