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This dress is certainly not missing the following: style and pockets. It fits the office dress code, but because it's made of a soft, high quality, pleasant for the skin cotton, you can just swap the office shoes for comfy ones and you're ready for a long, afternoon walk. We've also added a small, asymmetrical secret - an additional zipped pocket - perfect for your keys and phone. This dress is made to fit your mood - you can button it up top to bottom or leave some top or bottom buttons loose.

Content: 88% cotton, 12% polyester. Polyester in the mix is needed to stabilize cotton - it ensures endurance of the fabric structure, keeping it from overstretching. Polyester is placed between the layers of cotton, so it's not in direct contact with the skin.
Fabric made in Grójec.
The dress was sewn in Ryki. The sewing contractor uses photovoltaics, converting sunlight into electricity.
Wash inside out in gentle cycle at 30 degrees with maximum rotation speed 600rpm, using a mild detergent; don’t overload the washer, don't bleach, don’t tumble dry; the dress can be dry cleaned.
• The dress is made of the same material both on the outside and inside. This is highly unusual, as the normal practise is to use a better material for the outside, considering it the 'nicer' part of the garment.
• The fabric is extremely comfortable and, what's most important, you don't need to worry about your underwear lines showing.
• It has pockets.
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