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A maxi dress with a maxi ruffle for the exceptionally incorrigible romantic. Sewn from 4 metres of fabric, which are fully supported by delicate shoulder straps thanks to the garment’s intricate construction. And what about the lilacs? Designer Klara Kowtun adores their colour and scent, and even the season when they come in bloom. “In creating this pattern, we were inspired by a 19th-century watercolour by Maria Geertruyd Barbiers-Snabilie (Rijksmuseum). Barbiers-Snabilie painted flowers realistically, in a way similar to how my grandmother has always envisioned her own paintings; she also loved to photograph herself with anything that blooms,” recalls Klara. “I must have gotten it from her. As soon as the trees go in bloom, I am drawn to the botanical garden. The lilacs there had been planted in the 19th century. Perhaps it’s not very modern, but I like to imagine that life is a fairytale; this dress makes it exceptionally easy.”

Fabric made in Poland: 93% viscose, 7% lycra. The dress was sewn in Warsaw. Wash inside out at 30 degrees, using a mild detergent.

• It has two pockets.

• In front, a wide elastic is sewn in for stabilisation.

• Shoulder straps come with an extra margin so that you can lengthen (or shorten) them as desired.

• Construction of the ruffle allows for the dress to be shortened without compromising its weightless look.
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