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An urge to make clothes that flatter the figure is not the only thing that connects Risk’s designers Klara and Antosia. They both absolutely adore XXL size rings and have fair-sized collections of them but they still have been dreaming of a ring just as this one. Simple, sculptural, cleverly cambered – not to limit your movement. Now, thanks to the exceptional craftsmanship of the goldsmith Andrzej Mroziński* we were finally able to make the dream come true. Made by hand, every single one is unique.

The rings are being made by cutting and forging a silver plaque. There are no two identical examples. One ring weighs around 12-13 g. with dimensions of 54x20mm. The ring is made of 925 sterling silver layered with gold. *Andrzej Mroziński is a longtime profesor of the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (small goldsmith forms and jewelry design). Awarded multiple times for his work plenty of which had been exhibited at Zachęta Gallery. Since university he’s also been into painting. He’s 76 years old and has two dogs, three children and two grandchildren.
• Minimalistic and expressive at the same time – attracts attention and quickly becomes a hallmark. • Makes the simplest outfit stand out. • Super comfortable, fits on a finger in a way that doesn’t hinder your movement.
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