PRIMA BALLERINA eco pastel stripes

circle skirt -29%

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The circle skirt is one of fashion’s great classics. Seemingly the simplest cut, it somehow uses up the greatest amount of fabric! That’s why it drapes so softly on your hips — every inch of length serves to set off the feminine shapes. „Prima Ballerina is our favourite skirt - it combines charm, flair and has pockets too :) We’d say that this skirt goes great with virtually any other garment.” say designers Klara Kowtun and Antonina Samecka.

Made of: 94% viscose, 6% elastane.
Fabric made in Wola Zaradzyńska.
The skirt was sewn in Żuromin.
Wash on hand wash cycle, inside out, using a mild detergent. Iron inside out, set heat to less than 2.
• Elastic waistband guarantees comfort.
• It has two pockets.
• Raw hem secured with a special stitch.
• Dry flat.
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