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This shirt is an answear to any sensitive skin. If dermatologists were to recommend a fabric dedicated for delicate skin, it would be Tencel. Tencel is made of cellulosic fiber and it's so much more soft and smooth than cotton. It's higenic and has efficient moisture absorption properties. It not only helps you keep your skin moisturized but also stops bacterial growth on your skin. Thanks to this, you don't sweat as much and that's a pretty important factor if your daily activities include running around all day and/or dealing with stressful situations. Anything else? Well, it's a classic and feminine cut, but it has a surprising feature to it - a tie, which your partner can help you tie ;)

Content: 100% Tencel. This soft and nice fabric is made of cellulosic fibers produced from Austrian and Bavarian trees and other European sustainable plantations. Tencel has three essential sustainability certificates: USDA, EU Ecolaber and EcoCert. The production process has a significantly low environmental impact, using minimal amounts of water and solvent and is also partially recycled - leftover fabric is mixed with natural cellulosic fiber creating Tencel fiber.
Fabric made in Turkey.
The shirt was sewn in Ryki. The sewing contractor uses photovoltaics converting sunlight into electricity.
Wash inside out in gentle cycle at 30 degrees with maximum rotation speed 600rpm, using a mild detergent; don’t overload the washer, don't bleach, don’t tumble dry, don’t dry clean.
• Buttoned with mother of pearl buttons, matching the color of the shirt.
• The fabric is not elastic - choose size up if you like loose designs.
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