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A floor length skirt which is nonchalant and elegant at the same time. It has an elastic band on the hips and a pair of pockets. It can be worn with flip flops or sneakers for a sporty look but it also looks amazing with high-heels.

MADE OF: cotton + elastane
• Choose your usual size. • Elastic waist band. • Looks great on petite women, too. • If you're very tall (5'10" - 6'1"), choose size L • Wear it with tank tops and converse shoes. • For the elegant look go for wedges rather than high-heels.
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Marta Męczekalska July 31, 2015 17:46
Naprawdę robi wrażenie! :) Polecam
Risk Staff
August 18, 2015 11:50
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It was RISK's first long skirt. So ruffled that our sewing factory didn't give it a chance. Having seen the prototype they claimed no one would ever buy it. For the last three years it has been one of our top three selling products - regardless the season. It's also the most copied item in our collection, with lots of different colours of the bow, to the point that we started wondering ourselves if it's not a good idea to add more colour :)

In the photo: Klara Kowtun, a co-designer at RISK, in a sewing factory wearing the original version of Pretty Risk, before the final improvements.
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