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This book is a fashion manual - a set of rules, advice and tips that will help you dress in the 'right way'. And by the 'right way' we don’t mean according to taste, trends, aspirations, but what describes your emotions - they way you feel in what you’re wearing. According to Antonina Samecka, Risk’s designer, author of the 'Fashion Therapy' book - clothes have to do one thing - boost your self-confidence. You can learn how to do it from the inspirational part of the book as well as interviews with Karolina Sulej ('Wysokie Obcasy’ magazine ), Maja Naskrętska ('Pani' magazine), Piotr Zachara (School of Form lecturer, longstanding editor-in-chief of 'In Style' magazine) and our very own Klara Kowtun <3

The extended edition shows us that fashion is a game, which can be played by the audience of 0 to +99 year olds and that style is a form of expressing your own opinions. And it’s a value to have opinions, regardless of age.

This book was created by the team that cooperates with Risk on a daily basis. Beautiful photos were taken by Celestyna Król and illustrations were made by Igor Kubik.

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