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Every woman who tried it on looked like a movie star swooping down the red carpet. No, really. This dress establishes perfect proportions. Even if your body shape could be compared to a pear, this dress is gonna give you legs for days (long live slits and high waists!). It highlights your breasts, be they big or small, it accentuates your waist, and if you happen to have a larger belly, it will hide it. It looks equally stunning when you match it with high heels or with sandals and a vintage wicker basket.

Three kinds of firm, flexible elastic allow the dress to defy gravity and stay just where it should. Made in Poland MADE OF: 94% viscose, 6% lycra

• You can wear it with a strapless bra.

• It has two pockets.

• The ripples can be gathered on the bosom in any way you like.
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