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We have a big soft spot for the way women looked in the 70s. Sexappeal, but with a class of a military uniform and nonchalance – this dress has all of this. Emphasized what is should be emphasizing – the waist, the bust, the hips – exposes the silhouette better than mini dresses, but in a much smarter way. Strategically placed pockets turn up the feminine figure, the maxi length slenders the body and the front cuts will make the girls, who don’t usually wear maxi dresses because they have great legs, fall in love with it.

MADE OF: 94% viscose, 6% lycra

• Fastened with mother-of-pearl buttons.

• A great „every day” choice, will also meet the elegant gala standards.

• Works not only with high heels, looks stylish with rocky boots or Superstars.
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A safari-style dress? No problem. The only thing is: how to make jersey act like canvas?! Perfectly matched buckram is one of the secrets – stiff knit elements sewn into the stand-up collar, under the buttons, on pocket flaps. Choosing the right buckram is extremely difficult and requires a lot of trials – if it’s too stiff it can cause the knit to stretch, if it’s too soft it just doesn’t do its job. Buckrams are ordered in beams, they have different thickness – in our Mira dress we use two types: one for the sleeves and the other for the collar.
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