WRAP DRESS lavender blue

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A dress that make you feel great while looking even better at the same time. It has the most flattering shape. The envelope top beautifully models the bust - no matter if it's smaller or bigger; the sleeves cleverly slimmers arms, the waist is marked clearly and the drapes can hide a possible tummy.

Ps. It's our 4th variation on the Roman Holidays dress and a proof for the theory that the neckline changes everything. MADE OF: 94% viscose, 6% lycra

• Put it through your head.

• Sneakers, boots, sexy heels - all of those look good with that dress.

• A perfect choice for a date. The cut seems to be modest but the colour makes you wonder...
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Aneta Rostkowska February 25, 2017 17:57
jaki to kolor? niebieski? na zdjeciu wygląda na fiolet?
Risk Staff
May 29, 2017 12:49
Kolor to lawendowy niebieski, pomiędzy niebieskim a fioletem <3
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Our dresses are made of viscose produced in knitting place in Pabianice. Viscose is produced on the basis of natural cellulose (tree) fiber. Unlike synthetic fibers, this material is not an effect of chemical treatment. Thanks to this, it behaves similarly to cotton. There are more things to compare: viscose “breathes” as linen, it can be as soft as silk. Fun fact: it’s the most common non-synthetic fiber that is vegan.
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