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What do you get, when you combine a suit jacket with a parka? This is one of our favorite types of designs - it's simple, comfortable, with no fastening and no pretense, it has perfect length suitable for both pants and dresses.'We trust in the idea of 'comfort clothes' - it's a 'comfort food' analogy, as comfort clothes make us feel good, cared for and they instantly bring up our mood. In case of food, these feelings are triggered by the taste, texture or memories. What about clothes then? For us it's all about the softness and comfort of the fabric, the way it smothly touches your skin and makes you feel relaxed.' say Klara Kowtun i Antonina Samecka, the creators of RISK. The fabric is the key. This particular one is not only elastic, so you can move with ease, but also it consists of 48% of Tencel. Tencel fibers are known for their silky smoothness but most importantly, they provide ehanced breathability and efficient moisture absorption, so you don't sweat excessively. The jacket is fitted with two pockets integrated into forming trims.

Content: 48% viscose, 48% ECO certified Tencel, 4% elastane. The fabric is made using renewable energy source (wind power) and the water used in production is recycled and reused. All dyes and substance used in the process of perfecting the fabric are labeled STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
Fabric made in Turkey.
The jacket was sewn in Ryki. The sewing contractor uses photovoltaics, converting sunlight into electricity.
Wash inside out in gentle cycle at 30 degrees with maximum rotation speed 600rpm, using a mild detergent; don’t overload the washer, don't bleach, don’t tumble dry, don’t dry clean.
• Wear it with Elegant pants from our Autumn collection, to get a full suit look.
• This design is also perfect for dresses of any length.
• It has pockets.
• Elastic fabric.
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