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This dress is what we love the most – it's full of contradictions. It kind of covers everything because of its length, yet reveals the cleavage. It seems loose but still underlines the shoulders and waist. However sensuous, it's not provocative and never too obvious.

Made in Poland MADE OF: 93% viscose, 7% lycra

• Choose the size you usually wear.

• Looks great on both tall and petite women.

• Hides the belly very well.

• Exposes cleavage in a flattering way.

• Has long tight-fitting sleeves.

• Goes well with converse shoes.

• Often chosen by pregnant women.

EAN: 5902096116267
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Melanie Pieper September 14, 2017 09:40
This is a beautiful dress! Elegant in every way, yet simple and straightforward. I love the way it sways when I walk. Ideal for bigger busts. High quality fabric which is very hard to find when it comes to evening wear.
Risk Staff
October 06, 2017 10:03
We are sooo happy to hear that you enjoy the dress <3 Thank you for the great feedback and kind words:)
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