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Do you remember when people used to sit in cafes and just talk, without laptops and other distractions? When you would go there to meet friends or strangers; exchange your thoughts, opinions or simply to cleverly gossip about both trivial and meaningful things. We do and we miss it. That's why we decided to create Let’s talk. It’s an irregularly published magazine; where each issue covers a single broad topic, seen from entirely different points of view.

The first issue gathers Garment stories, which don’t simply present you with predefined thesis - they urge you to think outside the box and see clothing as not only propriety, but also a part of culture. They show you that your wardrobe can make an impact on your daily life.

Main characters of this issue include:

Teresa Krasnodębska, stage manager at Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera

Ernest Wińczyk, design photographer

Karolina Sulej, fashion anthropologist and reporter

Kaja Klimek, film critic and translator

… and many more individuals, talking to us about both their personal and professional relationship with clothes.

Size: 16,5cm x 22,5cm

Pages: 80
The book was published by Risk made in warsaw.
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