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The winter version of our chimney scarf is probably the least obliging form of a winter sweater. It assumes the form of a turtleneck blouse, it’s super warm and one look is enough to say that it’s not an unwanted Christmas gift from your aunt. Even though it was made of double warm material (sweater on the outside, grey, soft tracksuit fabric on the inside), it doesn’t make you look bigger, but it definitely makes you look more manly – your shoulders seem wider, the slim seem more solid and the not-so-slim appear thinner.

Made in Poland MADE OF: cotton blend + acrylic

• Comes with a drawstring pocket.

• The turtleneck can be folded into a short collar by turning it inside out and hiding the strings in.

• If you like loose clothes, pick a bigger size.

• Turn it inside out, wash it using low temperature and a delicate cycle, with a little bit of detergents.
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Radek Sobolewski December 23, 2015 14:50
okropny material, bardzo drapie. oprocz tego dobrze lezy i podoba mi sie, ale niestety nie moge nosic przez ten material, szkoda.
Risk Staff
April 07, 2016 10:01
Nigdy nie spotkałyśmy się z podobnym zarzutem. Może inny egzemplarz szyja pokochałaby bardziej? :)
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