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We wanted our 5th birthday to be special and that’s why we thought that it would be cool to have some kind of a summary from those 5 years - which would show us what has happened during this time. This is how the illumination was made: as from medieval manuscripts, but about a modern history. It was designed by Igor Kubik. He put all of those things in a ornate letter R: scissors, Carlos the dog (he keeps us company from the beginning and sometimes sneak up on the photos as well), the key to our Risky Shop and offices at Szpitalna 6, a piece of a mural from our boutique courtyard, a Warsaw pigeon and Leopold Tymand’s book „Bad” (we did an exhibition on him). An emblem was made and embroidered with a silver thread on our favourite coat-cardigan. The embroidery is extremely precise and it takes 45 minutes to make one!

Made in Poland MADE OF: 92% cotton blend; 8% elastane

• Fits everyone from size XS to L, or sometimes even XL.

• Petite women look great in it, too.

• Perfect for minimalist look.

• Looks very feminine with a belt.

• The cardigan lining is warm enough to play a part of a coat.
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