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The project for those who love not only maxi-skirts, but ... exposing legs mini-skirts. Thanks to a deep split the skirt phenomenally arranges in motion, and further more once in a while, kind of incidentally, shows a portion of the thigh. Tempting, but decent. But this is not the end of the contradictions: the romantic femininity cut is broke with practical pockets, thanks to what the whole dress looks very modern. You can wear it elegantly or relaxed, eg. with white t-shirt. Always stays classy.

Made in Poland MADE OF: 94% viscose, 6% lycra

• Worn with a blouse of the same color will successfully replace the "red carpet" dress; we love her with our Chic Shirt.

• If you need to be higher, replace high heels with wedges; heels could accidentally pierce while walking.

• High girls will enjoy it, because it is slightly longer.
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