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This jacket has one task - to slim. Tailcoats hatch cleverly lengthen the silhouette and precise cut highlights its strengths, while absolutely nothing is crimping. When one have a perfect figure - you know - it suits phenomenal. But when you have broad shoulders, a tummy or large breasts, which often makes it difficult to find a jacket - it will also be divine, because it is designed not only with chic in mind, but also with beautiful, feminine shapes.

PS. To sew this model, sewing company must perform 68 operations (when the usual t-shirt needs 6) and for 10 hours only 3,5 such jackets can be created! For comparison t-shirt takes max 5 minutes). Made in Poland MADE OF: 70% cotton blend, 30% polyester; 92% viscose, 8% elastane

• Works ideally not only with a white shirt, but also a white but t-shirt.

• Try also wearing it with a sexy dress.

• Wear it with rolled-up cuffs.

• Wash only dry cleaning.
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