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It is believed that every intellectual has at least one black sweater in their closet. Consequently, all intellectual women should add to that a dress which alludes to a men’s maxi pullover, of sorts. “Of sorts,” because—even though it is really oversized—this piece takes on a very feminine form with slender hips and, naturally, a deep, slimming neckline. “At times, I feel really sensual in offbeat clothing, wearing something that shows off my personality rather than my figure,” admits designer Klara Kowtun.

The jumper dress was sewn in Pionki. Fabric made in Poland; Content: 96% viscose with micromodal, 4% spandex. Wash inside out at 30 degrees, using a mild detergent.

• It has a kangaroo pocket.

• Zipper on the back for comfortable wear.
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