PRETTY RISK skirt polish flowers

sewn in Łódź

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Our classic piece - a floor length skirt which is nonchalant and elegant at the same time. It has an elastic band on the hips and a pair of pockets. It can be worn with flip flops or sneakers for a sporty look.

We dreamed of flowers from our childhood - hollyhocks, bluebonnets, poppies, forget-me-nots, bluebells, lupines. That is why we came up with an idea to collaborate with an artist Margo Hupert as she is well-known for her beautiful paintings of plants. The effect is not only very feminine, but also ultra romantic, nostalgic in the best way. Content: 90% viscose, 10% elaspan. Fabric made in Łódź. The skirt was sewn in Łódź. Hand wash in a gentle liquid detergent, dry in a horizontal position, at room temperature, do not tumble dry, do not use chlorine bleach, iron on the left side at 110 degrees C.
• Choose your usual size.
• Elastic waist band.
• Looks great on petite women, too.
• If you're very tall (5'10" - 6'1"), choose size L
• Wear it with tank tops and converse shoes.
• For the elegant look go for wedges rather than high-heels.
• All floral garments are made from a very comfortable knitwear.
• Each piece has a unique floral pattern.
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Aleksandra Łyp-Bielecka June 21, 2017 00:47
Dzisiaj otrzymałam moja baldresówę-kwiaty polskie. Jest prze-pięk-na! Idealna długość, do samej ziemi;-) Fajny, lejący się, cieżki materiał, no i same kwiaty... cudo! Przy zamówieniu co prawda nieco drżała mi ręka, bo cena,,, co tu dużo mówic... do niskich nie należy. Ale zaręczam - opłaca się! Spódnica robi kolosalne WRA-ŻE-NIE!
Risk Staff
June 21, 2017 18:19
Baardzo dziękujemy, jest nam niezmiernie miło, że tak się Pani z Baldresówą polubiła i życzymy, żeby pięknie się nosiła <3
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