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Risk Sp. z o.o. (limited liability company) implements the following project: “International Promotion of the Polish Brand ‘RISK MADE IN WARSAW’ Within the Scope of Industry Promotion Program ‘POLISH FASHION’ ” under Smart Growth Operational Program 2014–2020, Priority Axis III: Support for innovation in enterprises, Measure 3.3: Support for promotion and internationalisation of innovative enterprises, Sub-measure 3.3.3: Support for SMEs in the promotion of Polish product brands “Go to Brand”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.
The objective of the project No. POIR.03.03.03-14-0035/18 is the increase in brand awareness and scale of activity of the Polish brand “RISK MADE IN WARSAW” through expansion into 4 foreign markets, including 2 promising foreign markets. Participation in the project facilitates promotion of the Polish economy, and RISK Sp. z o.o. expects an increase in the number of contracting parties and an increase in international sales by 21 December 2020 to the level projected by project indicators.

Project duration: 01.09.2018 – 31.12.2019

Contact details:
RISK Sp. z o.o.
ul. Szpitalna 6a/9
00-031 Warszawa

For enquiries regarding B2B/B2C cooperation and sales, please contact us at the following e-mail address:
Project co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund.

A good dress has to emphasise figure, beauty, and intelligence.

Comfort and quality are most important to us. Trends–we let them pass.

Our “celebrities” are Women. Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Philosophers, Mothers, Sculptresses, Doctors, Athletes. People who wear our designs while doing things we admire.

We form long-distance relationships, not only with people, but also with our planet–that’s why we use European fabrics in our production, some of which obtained Oekotex, Ecolabel, FSC, EU Ecocert, GOTS, GRS or DETOX certificates.

We sew everything in Poland, because it’s worth it.

INFINITY MAXI etno stripes

maxi dress
color: stripes colored (etno)
sewn in Paterek


Choose the size: (XS)
Size and Fit Information
Why we love it

It’s called "infinity" for a reason! This idea originally arose among American bridesmaids, who wanted fabulous—but not identical—outfits for entire groups of women. Tie the halter like Marilyn would, or maybe have it cross in the front, or in the back, or wear it over one shoulder (so Grecian!), or let it drape over both... Possibilities are endless, as this dress allows you to tranform it into anything you fancy. We suspect you will come up with something that didn’t even cross our minds! We needed 4 metres of fabric to sew it, but the final effect makes every single centimetre worth it.
It’s perfect for the the wedding season—wear it everywhere and no one will ever notice that it is still the same one dress!

The inspiration for such radical colors and Łowicz etno stripes was… Africa. We looked up to their culture, where incisive style, intense colors and folklore are still very much alive, mixed with modern approach – unlike other cases, where folklore is cherished only in a museum.

There’s also a second, more sentimental reason behind our etno stripes. Klara, co-creator and designer in RISK, was a part of ‘Przepióreczka’ Song and Dance Ensemble. ‘I really admired the costumes, large skirts and embroided, velvet corsets’, says Klara. Our etno stripes are inspired by a striped costume from Łowicz, which Klara found, when she was visiting the city. The stripes were designed by Paweł Palikot. ‘What we didn’t expect is that this pattern turned out to be cosmopolitan – it’s going to look as good in Poland as in Mexico, Kenya or Morocco’, says Paweł.

Material and care
Shipping and returns

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